Why Are Firewalls More Important than Ever?

We are continually asked about firewalls and their importance in a ‘cloud first’ world. At our Defense Innovation Lunch, James Crifasi, my CTO at RedZone Technologies was asked directly about his thoughts on firewalls in the Cloud.

Question:  Do you firewall between on-prem/HQ and the digital resources in AWS, Azure, or co-lo? I thought you might like to hear the answer to this question and other thoughts James has about this topic. This short clip is only about 2 minutes long.

The full transcript of this video can be found below:

Answer:  Actually both. Typically what we are looking for, because your users are at corporate and you’ve migrated your data center to the cloud, is a way that gives you the opportunity to have a firewall between your users and your data center. But, you also need that protection between your data center and the outside world.

There are some variants of ransomware that if you block their command and control, they just remove themselves because they think you have good security and they don’t want you to catch them. There are some ransomware variants, that by blocking their command and control, they clean up after themselves because they think you’re watching and they don’t want to take the chance that you’re going to be a honeypot and decode their magic sauce.

And so what’s interesting there is it’s a really easy way to lower that risk threshold of being a victim of ransomware. And all you did is tell your servers they can’t play on the internet. Well, who’s serve as really should be playing on the internet anyway? It’s your server. It shouldn’t be doing anything. And if your administrators are browsing the Internet on your servers, that’s a different conversation that should happen.

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