What is the Best Way to Secure a Distributed Workforce in 2021? 📆

The increase in working from home has increased the number of user endpoints – exponentially❗

However, changes have also taken place in the security dynamic of the business itself. We have gone from a world where everything is centralized to one that is vastly distributed.

We can look at what’s going on right now using the analogy of the castle 🏰 and the village 🏘️.

When all of your security controls are in the “castle” 🏰 (office), you can protect them more easily because they are in one secured location. However, when your security controls are spread out amongst the “village” 🏘️ (working remote), they become harder to secure.

The more locations => the broader the potential of risk.

Because of this new environment of distributed access and threats, effective security becomes more important now than ever.