Weekly Roundup | Offense & Defense Tips of the Week – June 15, 2020

Check out this week’s Top 3x 🛡️Offense & 🛡️Defense Tips for #ITLeaders from CIOs of the Top 20%

In response to the widening security footprint caused by the exponential growth in remote users, continued cloud expansion and rapidly changing market, RedZone Technologies has partnered with CIOs of the Top 20% to give IT leaders a Weekly Roundup of the top resources and tactics for high-performance leadership

Here is this week’s roundup (6/15/20): 


  1. What is Cloud Kill Chain? (7:38) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  2. Using a Kill Chain Matrix to Make Risk-Based Security Decisions (2:54) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  3. Frictionless SaaS Security – Cloud Detection & Response (37:41) – Ben Johnson, Co-Founder & CTO at Obsidian Security


  1. How to Prioritize your Cybersecurity Spending Based on Risk (2:47) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  2. The Future of Telemedicine (3:25) – Zaid Salbi, Senior Director of Information Technology at Professional Healthcare Resources
  3. The CIO can Guide & Lead Strategy (30:00) – Chris Stettler, CIO at Euclid Systems Corporation

Thank you Ben Johnson, Zaid Salbi, and Chris Stettler for sharing.

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