Weekly Roundup | Offense & Defense Tips of the Week – July 8, 2020

The Top Strategies of the Week for IT BUSINESS LEADERS 🛡️

In response to the widening security footprint caused by the exponential growth in remote users, continued cloud expansion and rapidly changing market, RedZone Technologies has partnered with CIOs of the Top 20% to give IT leaders a Weekly Roundup of the top resources and tactics for high-performance leadership.

Here is this week’s roundup (7/8/20): 


  1. How Does the Cloud Enable Offense Capabilities? (4:19) – Saeed Elnaj, VP of IT & CIO at National Council on Aging
  2. Limited Security Tooling with a Single Pane of Glass (5:04) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  3. Apple Suddenly Catches TikTok Secretly Spying on Millions of iPhone Users – Forbes.com


  1. Mentors Are Critical for Business IT Leaders (2:01) – Chris Stettler, CIO at Euclid Systems Corporation
  2. In Times of Chaos, IT Business Leaders Must Win (2:40) – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  3. IT is the Nervous System of Every Business – Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies

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