Weekly Roundup | 🛡️Top Strategies of the Week for IT Business Leaders – December 16, 2020

I love digging deep into the minds of IT Business Leaders. Here are a few thought-provoking offense and defense themes from the previous week.

Weekly Summary

IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

1.    “How to use AppLocker to Block Malware… and it’s free!”- Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, describes why you should be using application control software.

2.    “Re-Imagine What is Possible | Architect for Change and Agility.”-Lou Pellicori, Managing Director, CIO/CTO at Glenmede Trust Company, N.A., shares leadership insights from his over 35 years of managerial experience.

3.    “What’s the Average Length Malware is in your Company Before you Detect it?”-  Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, on why malware dwell time should be given more attention.

4.    “DevOps + DevSecOps: Offense + Defense Innovation.”-Sean Mack, CIO & CISO of Wiley, discusses how he views his dual role as a privilege given how his organization looks to bridge the gap between technology and security.

5.    “How Long Will COVID Excuses Last for Poor Customer Service?”- Bill Murphy explains why businesses shouldn’t use COVID as an excuse for poor customer service.