Attacking Cyber Threats: Block First, Ask Questions Later 



At RedZone, we like to attack cyber threatin a proactive manner. In other words, we block first; then ask questions later. This allows our automated threat blocking, hunting, response and recovery measures to take form, eliminating as much noise as possible from your organization. 

What ‘Block First, Ask Questions Later’ Does For You 

 Designing a system that does the blocking first allows us to eliminate the proliferation of false positives in your network on the spot. Using a stack of technologies like: 

  • SonicWall 
  • Microsoft MFA/CA 
  • Conditional Access 
  • OpenDNS 

 This gives us more visibility into what is going on in different quadrants and drastically decreases the chance that someone has to be woken up in the middle of the night to take action to mitigate a threat. Once a threat has been blocked, there’s still more work to be done. This is where the RedZone VISO service program kicks into high gear, focusing on taking a continuous proactive review and improvement process using Microsoft ATP and SonicWALL Cloud App Security.  

 Our VISO program is the continuous health process that your company needs to mitigate the risks at hand. The VISO program process is identified after feedback has been accumulated that allows our internal team to support your organization in making the proper improvements to your recovery loop. 

 Keeping Your Team In The Loop 24/7 

 Our success in threat blocking, hunting, and response & recovery is driven by our focus on keeping humans in the loop 24/7. RedZone’s Co-Managed IT Security (Co-MITS) partnership is propelled by a series of notices and alerts via Alert Logic and Event Tracker that gives you real-time information on how threats are being automatically being hunted and discovered within your environment. This gives our team firm grasp on what risks are present in your organization and how we can work hand-in-hand with your team to manage those risks on a proactive basis in the future. 

To talk to one of the world’s most trusted resources in building your Co-Managed Security program use this link here.