The Tangible Value of a RedZone Red, Yellow, Green Report


Are You Getting a Red,Yellow,Green Report from Your MSP and MSSP?

The RedZone comprehensive monthly audits process provides an easy to digest, color-coded structure. Like a stoplight at an intersection directs traffic, these reports display Red, Yellow, Green coding based on the priority of a specific report statement. This gives your team a proactive edge by providing you with valuable information at a quick glance.
Let’s go over the details of how we configure these reports so that you can see the tangible value of this report first-hand.

Red, Yellow, Green Reports
Every year we lose in the US 300k plus people due to infections in hospitals. Mistakes are made and lives are lost.  We use WIP (work in progress) status each month to manage mistakes and assign accountability to necessary tasks and assignments both of the RedZone team and your team as well.

These Red, Yellow, Green reports are a critical tool that gives companies like yours the ability to cut through the chaos and find clarity.


Green Status = No WIPs
Yellow Status = Outstanding WIPs present
Red Status = Several health checks + support tickets open; it’s being tracked

These reports help put everything into perspective for your organization. It gives your team the information it needs to identify priorities rather than figuratively throw darts at a dart board hoping to get a bullseye with security.  Now you have prioritization and a way to measure areas of success and weakness within your security program.

After checking each system, the RedZone team will follow up with you with a status update for each WIP. This proactive process is not only important for visibility and accountability purposes, it also gives you valuable information at a glance that you can use to continue tactically innovating your defensive security posture each month.

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