What Are The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Security?

When you need an expert, your internal IT and Security teams might be up to the task in the short term. The long term is a different story. Removing this boulder of security burden from your internal IT and Security teams is vital to getting them out of support ticket hell and back into playing to their strengths. 

 This is where having a Co-Managed IT Security (Co-MITS) services company like RedZone Technologiestakes on some responsibility and becomes an extension of your organization. If you’re not familiar with Co-MITS, here are the many benefits of these dynamic and flexible companies: 

  1. Co-MITS protect your IT & Security teams from getting overwhelmed. 
  • Co-MITS focus on solving key technical problems that are pressure points for your organization. This gives your IT and security teams gain the confidence they need to overcome their fears, thereby giving you relief from overwhelming situations. 
  1. Co-MITS save you money by adding value to your organization. 
  • Co-MITS aren’t here to replace your staff. We’re here to make them better. This propels your internal teams to become more valuable assets to your organization while we work hand-in-hand with them to assertively solve security problems while spending less money. 
  1. Co-MITS can help your internal teams effectively make the jump to the cloud. 
  • Transitioning to the cloud is no longer a recommendation; it’s a requirement. If your team isn’t skilled at migrating to the cloud, Co-MITS will work with them to level-up their skills that help your organization effectively make the jump to the cloud.  
  1. Co-MITS proactively track your most essential IT & Security events. 
  • Think of Co-MITS as the masters of process management. They are tremendously skilled at keeping track of events, alerts, projects and determining the course of action that help your organization tackle the day’s top challenges including auditing, risk governance, compliance and more.  

 For more information and to talk to one of the world’s most trusted resources in building your Co-Managed Security program use this link here.