Streamline Your Thinking to Take Grand Ideas🌟 & Bring Them Down to Earth🌎- with Adam Gordon

One of the biggest issues we have in security/networking – given all of the software, technology, and devices… is Complexity.

In my conversation with Adam Gordon, Edutainer & SME at ITProTV, we discussed how leaders can avoid getting sucked into the tactics of complexity and how to successfully navigate it.

Adam shares 3 ways to address any situation to streamline your thinking:

💭 Strategically – Try to remove yourself from the moment and really think more broadly about the choices, the decisions, the opportunities that you may address and the best path to get there.

💭 Operationally – Really think about how you can take these grand ideas that strategy provides us with and bring them down to earth – the 25,000 foot versus 50,000 foot level view.

💭 Tactically – Think ground level. It’s the execution of the strategy with the guidance of the operational thoughts that have helped us to narrow and ultimately focus our activities.

Adam says when all 3 come together, that’s really how you solve problems.