Spectre & Meltdown Threat… Patch, Patch, and Patch Again

Businesses are concerned about a pair of highly publicized vulnerabilities in the hardware chips that power smartphones, PCs, servers and other devices:

Spectre – Affects Intel, AMD and ARM processors and allows attackers to steal information leaked in the kernel/cached files or data stored in memory.

Meltdown – Affects Intel processors and can enable hackers to gain privileged access to parts of a computer’s hidden memory used by the operating system and applications.

During the industry-wide quest to boost chip performance over a span of 20 years, security was sacrificed for speed. Now it has been discovered that these vulnerabilities can be exploited to let attackers capture information like passwords and keys. It even allows them to jump across browser windows, applications, and Virtual Machines (VM) to access sensitive information.
With all the publicity, it is just a matter of time before hackers turn their full attention to exploiting this situation. The tech giants are issuing fixes in an effort to avert a catastrophe that can potentially impact computers worldwide.

How to Minimize Risk of Future Attack:

  • As OS, software and microcode updates are rolled out, be sure to install them immediately.
  • Keep all other software updated, including web browsers, extensions, plug-ins, and web applications.
  • Run security scans daily to make sure there is no malicious software on your computer.
  • Beware of phishing emails that trick you into clicking on a link or downloading attachments.
  • Pay more attention when casually browsing the web, especially when clicking links and ads. If something doesn’t look or feel right, get out.

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