Cloud Application Security Is Your Gateway to Cloud Confidence, with Shannon Emmons

Today, my guest is Shannon Emmons, Senior Product Manager at SonicWall.

It was great having Shannon talk with our CIO and Lieutenant community. She is the top person for managing the product development of the Cloud App Security line with SonicWall

From a security strategy perspective, the importance of a platform for security threat management, blocking, detection and response, as it relates to SaaS apps and your data, has never been more important. This can’t be understated as more and more of your business applications are moved to the cloud and Securing Office 365, OneDrive, G Suite, Box, Dropbox, and other SaaS apps take on a higher and higher priority.

I was eager to talk with Shannon and I was lucky to catch up with her after our Cloud and Email Kill Chain Defense Innovation lunch event. Here are some of the key questions we discussed:

Key Questions We Discussed:

  • Why should you care about multiple log-ins?
  • What is your strategy when you have multiple users who are not based at headquarters?
  • What about Machine Learning?
  • If we want a single-pane-of-glass, should we disable Microsoft? – And, why is layered security key?
  • Can you guarantee that files are only scanned in the USA? (for export control)
  • Can you pick your databases?
  • Does CASB track successful and unsuccessful logins?
  • Do you need to have other SonicWall products to use SWCAS?
  • If you use Azure AD for permission, can you apply PIM for elevated access?
  • For data compliance, what protection do you use for secured data?

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Cloud App Security | What you will learn from this interview

  • Data Stored in the Cloud is the Customer’s Responsibility and not the cloud vendor.
  • Why default SaaS app security controls are not enough?
  • What’s in your cloud?
  • How to regain visibility and control of your SaaS email, apps and data with a holistic approach.
  • How does the security actually work with Office365, Box, Dropbox and G Suite?
  • How to protect against account takeovers (ATO), insider threats, and compromised credentials theft.
  • The importance of API based security.
  • The difference between a CASB and CAS.

For CIOs, I believe that choosing the correct security platform vendor has never been more important!

About Shannon Emmons

Shannon Emmons is a Senior Product Manager at SonicWall, the global, network security leader delivering automated real-time breach detection and prevention that keeps small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises and governments safe from cyber threats.

Shannon focuses on protecting SaaS email with data compiled from more than one million sensors around the globe to defend against today’s most sophisticated cyber threats. She is a customer focused, product leader who previously spent 14 years at McAfee where she concentrated on cyber threat visibility and remediation through management platforms. Emmons is a 16-year cybersecurity veteran, and 13-year CISSP.

How to connect with Shannon Emmons

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Earlier this year, I interviewed Shannon’s colleague, Dmitriy Ayrapetov, Executive Director of Product Management at SonicWall. In this episode, we discuss cutting-edge strategies with security: sandboxing, block until verdict, remediation and roll back.

You can listen to my podcast with Dmitriy here.

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I hope you enjoyed this program and my interview with Shannon Emmons.

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Until next time. I’m signing off. Thank you and have a great day! 

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