Securing Data in 3rd Party Integrated Systems | Active Directory Integration | Security

How do I secure data in third-party integrated systems?  This is a great question and it came out of the last innovation luncheon.

It’s important to look at the Cloud as an architecture and design platform. Looking at third parties right now is basically looking at identity management systems and at your identity management strategy.

Major Takeaways from this Security Tip video:

  1. Look at the Cloud as an architecture and design platform
  2. Implement Microsoft’s Active Directory on its Azure cloud platform
  3. Work with third-party application developers to ensure Active Directory integration

How are you going to approach the role of user and the access of a user? You’re really going to have to dial-in your directory strategy. I think Microsoft’s AD on Azure platform is the best way to go there.

You’ve really got to ask the hard questions about how you’re going to pull this off because you’ve got to pull in all of your third parties. You’ve actually got to spend time looking at the active directory integration with different third parties.

Salesforce is fantastic as a third party. It’s got a really clean integration path on active directory, but some of the harder ones are going to be less well known. You’re going to have to spend time working with their teams – and that’s the hard part, but it’s completely necessary.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the videos I post and share your knowledge with those within your community.

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