Reduce Complexity: Map Your Entire Security Portfolio Into A Plan

Keeping “IT” Security Simple: Mapping Your Entire Security Portfolio Into A Plan

There is a way of measuring your entire security environment by loading it into one framework.
It produces a complete series of remediation steps and then you’ll be able to show before and after. Where these scores are compared to after, if these steps are enacted, and then build the security road map. This is based on Q1, Q2, Q3, based on prioritization and sequencing.

This customer wanted security with a single pane of glass, however, they had a couple of steps that had to build into their foundation first. It has to be built step-by-step, then this maps into the overall architecture. This is a security by design architecture. We have shown you this several times, but this actually telescopes into how you’re going to be using Cloud; how you’re using multifactor; and how you’re using all of the sign in pieces that go here.

Then we actually build the grid here that says, “Okay, here are the actual blocks that make the most sense to actually achieve these outcomes.” That is what we’ve seen works the best, from taking your complete security portfolio and marrying this into one plan.

We’ve been in boardroom meetings where the CEO finally says to me, “I just don’t have to buy tools anymore. I don’t have to make these big purchases.” They are buying into a program. They are buying into a complete methodology that is an always-on process because this gets rinsed and repeated every single year. These security environment items turn colors. When you start checking them off, people appreciate the fact that these are the items that turn green because they marry into your architecture.

Finally, you get to choose: you can do it yourself or rent it.
You can sit there and go, these are the things I’m willing to have a W2 position for in my staff, and these are the areas that I’m willing to rent from RedZone, or your security provider of choice. Then here’s my compliance, and here’s how I’m measuring it.

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