How Great Leaders Elevate Energy & Eliminate Fear With CEO Richard Sheridan

chief joy officer

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the word “happy.” But, I thoroughly enjoy using the word “joy.” Through my years in the tech world, I have witnessed my share of IT leaders that get hyper-focused on competing with one another to the point where they become the hero of their organization. 

This is not a sustainable way to function. Deliver positive change to your organization and learn how to pivot away from this hero-based business culture in this episode! 

Key takeaways from this podcast

  • How IT leaders can circulate joy amongst their teams to produce optimal results. [10:00 -13:10] 
  • How developing a culture focused on the business value of joy is best for innovation to prosper. [26:30 -29:30] 
  • The leadership skills required to build a learning culture that helps your teams disrupt an already disruptive industry. [40:00 – 44:32] 

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Achieve Excellence with Lessons from Stoicism, featuring Massimo Pigliucci

Stoicism has become very popular recently, but why?

Stoicism is a philosophy for life that dates back 1000s of years. It’s philosophical tenants which attracted visionary leaders like Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, are now finding a rebirth within our culture.

We exist in a time where personal leadership is critical. The techniques that stoics use to achieve their goal of self improvement can be useful tools for business leaders to shape their thinking, achieve excellence and flourish in life.

Learn more about why following the practical philosophy of stoicism can help business and IT leaders frame their minds in a positive direction, thereby improving decision-making and reasoning skills quickly.

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Kick Your Company’s Value Into High Gear With RedZone Co-Managed Security 

CIOs wear a ton of hats these days. You’re not only expected to hold down the fort when it comes to IT and Security in your organization; now you must possess the leadership and vision that will allow your business to reach new heights in the future. How do you do all of this while keeping everything under budget?

Hire a Co-Managed IT Security (Co-MITS) services company like RedZone Technologies! We manage the overflow for your internal team and pave the way towards a brighter future. Learn how RedZone, the world’s most trusted choice for Co-Managed IT Security services, can kick your company’s innovation goals into high gear:

1. Help your IT and Security team from getting bogged down with the plethora of technology tools.

  • Making the jump to the cloud or other innovative technology requires the use of a new suite of tech tools to get the job done. If your team is incapable of effectively managing and maintaining that system, RedZone can help make buying, integrating, owning and operating the technology easier.

2. Get a world-class education on key processes and procedures that matter.

  • We, at RedZone, maintain eagle-eye foresight into the IT and Security issues that have the potential to cause problems for your unique organization in the future. Our unique processes and procedures help cut through the chaos to give you clarity that will add value to your innovation efforts.

3. Take advantage of RedZone’s superior relationships with local VARs.

  • Over the years, RedZone has developed ironclad relationships with local manufacturer resources. Our superior relationships with these local VARs allow us to elicit a faster response to IT and Security tasks, thereby adding value to your organization.

4. RedZone’s proactive, upfront problem solving creates value for your business.

  • Last but definitely not least is the RedZone approach to solving problems and handling issues. Unlike traditional MSPs/MSSPs that tackle problems as they happen, we anticipate a majority of these common problems before they occur. That way, by the time you notice the problem exists, our team is already working on a plan to remediate the security issue.

If you want to increase the value of your organization through one of these key areas, use this link here to talk to one of the world’s most trusted resources in Co-Managed IT Security.

Managing the Future of Work Without Getting Replaced by AI with Professor Marco Iansiti

Without Getting Replaced by AI

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an explosion of calls for organizations to drive AI and digital transformation innovations to solve major problems around the world.

CIOs continue to be the quintessential API of their respective companies, driving innovation at a scale never before seen in human history by harnessing the power of AI and Data Sciences. Moving the innovation needle forward in a post-pandemic world takes integrating digital ecosystems using AI-centric operating models to capture value for your organization. 

 Key Takeaways from this podcast include: 

  • Digital companies can maximize their network value and data value to supplement their traditional product value. (4:00 -7:05) 
  • CIOs can manage the future of work across an AI-centric ecosystem without being replaced by AI. (16:25 -18:45) 
  • Using a top-down, thoughtful leadership structure allows CIOs to deploy AI and transform their security architecture. (31:25 -35:20) 

 In this podcast, I sat down with author and professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), Marco Iansiti to discuss how CIOs can manage the future of work across an AI-centric ecosystem without being replaced by AI. Marco brings to this discussion case studies from notable companies that have integrated AI into their business model with success recently: 

  • Intuitive Surgical 
  • Moderna 
  • Novartis 
  • IKEA 

Marco is an expert and thought leader in the field of developing firm-level strategies using AI and other disruptive technologies that are detailed in his latest book, Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World. He has been a top advisor for top tech firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, while also co-founding several companies, including Model N and Keystone Strategy LLC. 

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How Do We Control AI That Is Smarter Than Us With Dr. Roman Yampolskiy

Dr. Roman Yampolskiy is the current Associate Professor at the University of Louisville, Professional Speaker, and Author known for his work on behavioral biometrics, security of cyberworlds, and artificial intelligence safety. I had an amazing conversation with Roman on my podcast a few years ago and am excited to welcome him back to speak with me about his new book, Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security and the recent developments in AI. 

During his 12+ year tenure at UofL, Roman has been recognized as: Distinguished Teaching Professor, Professor of the Year, Faculty Favorite, Top 4 Faculty, Leader in Engineering Education, Top 10 of Online College Professor of the Year, and Outstanding Early Career in Education award winner among many other honors and distinctions. He also won the prestigious 2019 Kentucky Academy of Science “Excellence in Science Education and Outreach Award and made headlines when he launched the field of Intellectology in 2015 to analyze the forms and limits of intelligence.   

Dr. Yampolskiy has warned of the possibility of existential risk from advanced artificial intelligence, and has advocated research into “boxing” artificial intelligence. Roman’s knack for seeing the real-world, practical opportunities that AI and Superintelligence can provide the modern world has propelled his writings to be cited more than 1000 times and featured in the major publications such as New Scientist, Science World, and BBC News. 

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