Our RedZone Master Playbook Approach

Establishing Value for Customers

The RedZone Sales Master Playbook details a variety of solutions that will allow your MSSP to thrive in the future, opening up many doors to increased sales and retention following your initial outreach and orientation. If you’re trying to distinguish the value-added activities that will distinguish your MSSP to your customers, then following the RedZone Value Proposition that will help your firm differentiate yourself from your competitors and create relevancy and tangible, quantified value for your customers.

What Does the RedZone Value Proposition Entail?

The reason why many MSSPs are sought after winds down to the amount of technology tools that a company obtains. After trying to tinker around with the finer points of the tech, company leadership might find that they’re incapable of effectively managing and maintaining that system. That’s where the RedZone value proposition swings into high gear.

The value that RedZone provides is established upfront; not at the delivering of a quote. The profit that your company can achieve is in adding value around the systems, not in the actual system itself. By establishing values with what you offer that makes the experience of buying, integrating, owning and operating the technology easier for the customer, the value of your MSSP increases.

Establishing value upfront rather than only at the point of delivering the quote helps your customer feel confident in their decision to bring you onboard. You can do this by educating your customer on your unique processes and procedures as they relate to their problem(s). This act will add value to your company, paving the way towards a trusting relationship in the future.

Establishing Value For Your Customers

The RedZone value proposition details an integration and onboarding process that focuses on processes and procedures that cover how we assess, evaluate and produce strategies from our assessments, and how we recommend remediation or Managed Programs to support remediation options.

Secondly, RedZone creates value through our expertise with various software ad-ons. For example, we have carved our niche as experts in SonicWALL which allows us to sell our customers on the unique combinations that SonicWALL can offer by asking questions and educating them on the value behind the software itself.

Another competitive advantage that RedZone has been able to hone in on are the relationships with local manufacturer resources. Due to our superior relationships with our local VARs, we can elicit a faster response, which again adds value to our customer relationships.

Lastly, our approach to solving problems and handling issues is 75% upfront. This is key to understand and emulate in order to effectively create value for your customer. If you’re keen on increasing the value that you’re providing to your current and prospective customers, hit this Calendly link to talk to our crew!