Observe | Orient | Decide | Act (OODA) – with Philip Campbell

One thing that really impresses me when some of the Plebes (first-year Cadets) from the U.S. Naval Academy stay at my home – is just how disciplined they are. These young men and women have such a structured existence and are taught decision-making strategies that will serve them well – not just in the Navy, but in business as well.

Philip Campbell, CIO/VP of Information Services at CalvertHealth, is a Naval Academy graduate and served in the Navy for 22 years. In our conversation, he brought up the “OODA Loop” (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) strategy.

The OODA loop decision-making strategy, developed by the military, focuses on filtering available information, putting it in context, and quickly making the best decision while also understanding that you can make changes as more info becomes available.

Whether in his Navy days as a navigator onboard a destroyer trying to plan out a trip home from the Persian Gulf, or in his current role at CalvertHealth, allowing emergency room patients to bring a caregiver to feel safer, Philip uses the OODA strategy to orient himself and make the most appropriate decisions in context.

Philip says, “It’s all about navigating those short-term challenges to reach the long-term goal.”