[Podcast] Energy Beats Talent with Top IT Leaders: Why?

Jean Gomes Chairman of the The Energy Project

The days of skill and will are over

As machines take over the world and eventually through AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Robots help us tackle big tech issues with Cyber Security, there remains the question, do we have the human capacity to ‘keep up’ with email much less the pace of innovation and change.

Jean explains how you can do this?

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He also discusses where human competitive advantage will be

Energy is the capacity to do work. Do you have the energy needed to do your work?

The days of 1) skills and 2) will are over so this means you much tap the third dimension of 3) capacity and energy.

This used to be a politically charged concept because it was harder to measure but not any more (See 20,000 person study by HBS here link to it). This means learning how to periodi-cise efforts of exercise, sleeping, and eating. Effort and renewal of taking breaks every 90 minutes for example.

This is done by asking questions like do you have the personal ability to fuel your performance? Do you have the emotional capabilities to test, retest, learn, fail, pivot, adapt…..all critical functions now in business especially for IT leaders.

In this episode, I interview Jean Gomes, Chairman of The Energy Project Europe which is helping organizations build sustainable high performance cultures through energy management. He’s also the CEO of DPA, a business consultancy that helps organizations improve performance through people. And he’s a trusted advisors to more than more than 50 CEOs.

Listen as Jean and I discuss the undervalued importance of bringing the right energy to a business, why measured breaks are one of the fundamental keys to success, and how we can better intentionally activate the creative half of the brain.

Jean Gomes


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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 03:21 – Bill welcomes Jean to the show
  • 04:00 – Why energy always beats talent
    • 05:40 – Two teams can be equal in talent, but the team that has more energy will have 8X-10X top line revenue
  • 05:57 – Vision and commitment will lead to sustainable high-performance every time
  • 06:54 – The top two ways we can change how we show up at work
    • 07:41 – Physical—sleep, eat, exercise, etc.
    • 08:17 – Emotional—how much time do the spend in the negative vs positive
  • 10:45 – The scientific value of taking breaks
    • 12:35 – The human body is designed to work in cycles—sprint, recover, sprint, recover
  • 14:36 – What humans can do that computers can’t—take responsibility for difficult decisions, and form deep, interpersonal, human relationships
  • 15:33 – We need people to be more human in the workplace
  • 18:00 – Speed gets in the way of traditional human decision making
  • 18:38 – Most organizations are in the mode of “how to we defend the status quo”
  • 19:34 – Leaders who don’t give themselves space to be creative aren’t leaders—their managers
  • 20:14 – Recovery is the opposite of what you’re currently doing
  • 21:54 – Teach your brain that it can switch off
  • 22:58 – Consciously dedicate more of your brain to the creative
  • 25:43 – “Not thinking” is the best way to truly think—to obtain new insights, new perspectives
  • 27:24 – Don’t take the victim mindset of “I don’t have time”
  • 30:53 – Make the shift from “I have a body” to “we are a body”
  • 33:45 – Start with the cost opportunity to start making changes to daily habits one at a time—narrow down on something small
  • 35:40 – Emphasize the importance of renewal in your life—computers don’t need to renew…we do—be human, make waves


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