IoT Vulnerabilities: Emerging Privacy Threats that Really Hit Home

Emerging Threat… IoT vulnerabilities could invade your privacy
As more Internet-connected appliances with built-in cameras, microphones and sensors replace legacy devices, security flaws are being discovered that could be exploited to snoop on activities in the home and office.

Live Stream Video
In the case of LG – a multinational manufacturer of Internet-connected appliances – a security flaw in their portal login process allowed hackers to take control of roving Hom-Bot vacuums and their cameras, giving them remote access to live-stream video from inside homes and offices without victims ever being aware.

Office Eavesdropping
As more businesses bring IoT devices into their offices, there is the very real possibility of hackers taking over these devices to eavesdrop on staff conferences, board meetings, and random discussions to collect sensitive information that could be sold on the Dark Web, used for “insider” stock transactions, provide a critical advantage to a competitor or nation state, and even hijack critical assets for ransom.

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