Is it More Important to Transform or Innovate Your Business? Innovation | Leadership

Language matters and is evolving as an important factor with properly conveying innovation and transformation concepts within your businesses.

One of the stories that came out of last month’s CIO Innovation Luncheon was: A CIO had put a million dollars into a transformation project; and then, realized it was not transformation, just a digital upgrade. So he went back and changed the budget allocation – freeing up money budgeted for transformation.

If you are planning a transformation or innovation project like launching a new app or upgrading an app, consider this approach:

  • Get out of the “marketing” concept of transformation and innovation and talk about what you think are upgrades to processes and process re-engineering within your company.
  • Spend some time talking about what you think is transformation and what other people may think is a digital upgrade. Dive deep into it and find out.

Are you properly conveying innovation concepts within your business?

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