Human Performance and The Benefits of Sauna, with Glenn Auerbach

Welcome back to the show, everyone. This is Bill Murphy, your host of the RedZone Podcast. So today’s the title of this episode is ‘Human Performance and the Benefits of Sauna’, in particular Finnish sauna. So how did this start?

A couple of years ago, I had Wim Hof on the show. He trains people on how to elevate their body temperature when they’re immersed in cold water and he always had a sauna off to the side. Now, he has an institute in Norway, and I trained with him in Poland. Wim Hof has talked a lot about the benefits of sauna, relative to cold, it’s called thermogenesis.

I have always wanted to learn more about the benefits of sauna; and there’s been a lot of research on how sauna can help with your cardiovascular system. It can help with a variety of different diseases and with just general health and well being.

So, I asked the leading sauna person in the United States, Glenn Auerbach, to come on the show. I met Glenn in Minnesota when I went to look at a sauna he put together – and that I was planning to purchase.

In Minnesota, it’s quite an ice fishing culture, so it’s not a big step for them to build these really great ice fishing houses. Now, they’ve moved into building these really custom saunas. You can see on Saunatimes, the website that Glenn runs, what people have done with saunas, these outdoor saunas across the country. We get into what the differences are between types of saunas, like Finnish saunas versus your 24-hour fitness type sauna, or an infrared sauna, and what the real differences are there between them. We talked about the kind of ‘sauna culture’ in Minnesota and Finland. We talked about, as I mentioned, the science of it and the psychological benefits in alternating between cold and hot.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode. So, if you’re interested in sauna, and potentially integrating that into your experience and learning more about it, this would be a great episode for you. With that, I want to introduce you to my conversation with Glenn Auerbach.

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About Glenn Auerbach

For over thirty-four years, Glenn Auerbach has been an enthusiastic authentic sauna evangelist. In 2008 he started to share this appreciation with others.  Four years ago, he started SaunaTalk, a podcast about sauna and most often recorded on the sauna bench.

Glenn has written, Sauna Build, From Start to Finnish, the go-to eBook that includes step by step instructions for building a sauna.  He has helped hundreds of people build their own saunas, some of which are featured, illustrated and reported on

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