How Your Employees Will Retain New Information – with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder at Elevate Security

Just when you’re ready to hit ‘send’ when you’re rolling out more awareness training videos to your employees –


Did you realize that that audio-visual training only results in – at best, 15% retention. WOW!

In a recent podcast interview with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder at Elevate Security, she explains that if you just send out a training email as the only source of learning – and you’re not focusing on how you’re building relationships with your employees –

That’s a monologue, not a dialogueand with that, you’ll be doing your organization and your employees a disservice.

Thinking through other engagement methodologies that meet your employees where they are – in a way that is actually engaging them and providing them meaningful feedback, is key to helping them retain the training information.