How Comcast Transformed Itself Into A Tehnology Company – with Anthony Troy, former Comcast VP & Experienced IT Leader

“At some point [Comcast] needed to transform from a telecommunications and owning media to actually being a technology company.”

This quote from IT Leader and former Comcast VP, Anthony Troy, explains how even large corporations can be nimble and make changes.

Anthony explains the reasons why Comcast made this switch: Comcast saw the transformations other companies like Netflix and Amazon made to their business models and realized that to be effective, businesses have to create something they can control.

To gain that control, Comcast needed to transform from being a mostly vendor-controlled company. They created the Xfinity brand and the X1 platform within it. They hired people with diverse backgrounds – and from industries outside their own.

It was the combination of these two things that helped Comcast become what it is today!