How Can You Compete Against a Motivated Adversary Who Wants to Beat You?

You can’t be great at rugby by playing golf. You can’t be great at boxing by swimming.

For 19 years, RedZone has invested heavily in team-style network security capabilities. Today’s modern adversaries are highly motivated and RedZone’s team-based approach is a perfect approach to scaling capabilities with monitoring and response.

Last week the RedZone Technologies’ Security Team participated in a competition against the region’s best security teams.

In the fiercely contested IoT Security competition, RedZone’s team – Will, Bryan and WJ each participated in the IoT Village Capture-the-Flag exercise on Saturday and Sunday. Pitted against the best from government and private industry, RedZone captured 3 of the 20 nodes within approximately 4 hours. It was a good first showing.

Devices that they were successfully able to hack included a Belkin wireless router, Seagate NAS and a GeoVision Camera DVR system using known vulnerabilities. What’s so interesting about this is that that they were able to download some free software, use a little bit of Googling, and readily attack these devices.

The fact that these were off-the-shelf devices, some of which our RedZone clients use, it’s important for our team of techs to be able to advise, defend, and support them from threats like these.

Who ever said gaming wasn’t good?

As our society continues to move towards depending on an Internet of Things, our attack vectors and surfaces grow – making us more susceptible to breaches. This requires Security & Compliance Warriors that maintain vigilance and keep up to date with the ever-growing trends in Cybersecurity.

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