Mapping Innovation: A Playbook For Navigating a Disruptive Age – with Greg Satell

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My guest this week is the Greg Satell.

Greg is a popular writer, speaker and innovation advisor, whose work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, and Forbes.

I met Greg through the two gentlemen at Experian who have been on the show recently, Eric Haller, Executive Vice President of Experian’s DataLabs, and Barry Libenson, CIO of Experian. Birds of a feather flock together, as they say. As Greg and I were setting up the conversation, he just released his first book called Mapping Innovation: A Playbook for Navigating a disruptive age.   It was published in May of 2017.

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Major Take-Aways From This Episode:

  • My conversation with Greg is a refreshing perspective on innovation largely because of his concept of an innovation matrix. This is a framework that he created to help companies frame problems so that they can find the approach that will most likely solve them.
  • I love the concept of “looking for problems to solve” versus just generating ideas. I always appreciate the “mental judo” that innovative thinking offers and my conversation with Greg does that. It sort of breaks off the mental cobwebs.
  • Innovation Labs – While reviewing the episode transcript, I liked what Greg said about innovation labs:

    “When an innovation lab is targeted at finding new problems for solutions that exist within the organization, they tend to do pretty well.”

  • We discuss two contrasts: Apple CEO Tim Cook’s vision for corporate innovation contrasted with Google’s, for example.
  • It will make you wonder what is right for your organization.
  • Destructive innovation myths. Innovation just doesn’t happen because someone comes up with one big idea.
  • Digital Age innovation is different than previous generations. We need to learn how to use new tools properly.
  • In the resource links you can find a free chapter download Greg has made available along with a video about the book and the Amazon link to buy it.

About Greg Satell

Greg Satell is a popular writer, speaker and innovation advisor, whose work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes and other A-list publications.

Previously, he served as Senior Vice President Strategy & Innovation at Moxie Interactive, a division of Publicis Groupe, one of the world’s leading marketing services organizations as well as Co-CEO of KP Media, a leading publisher of magazines and websites in Ukraine, including the newsmagazine Korrespondent and the web portal, Bigmir.

You can find Greg’s blog at and on Twitter @DigitalTonto. His first book, Mapping Innovation, has been published by McGraw-Hill in May.

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