How IT is Recovering From the COVID-19 Crisis

When the regular business environment was upended this spring, CEO’s turned to IT leaders to make digital transformation and improving the experience of working from home their top priorities.

Now, 6 months after the crisis began, Peter Sayer, in his piece on, Exclusive Survey: How IT is Recovering From the COID-19 Crisis, provides a high-level view of the key trends driving IT and key insights from IT Leaders.

Here were a few of my favorite insights: Claffra / Getty Images

✔️ Kristin Myers, CIO at Mount Sinai Health System said, “In a crisis, it’s vital to balance cost cutting with investing in areas that will meet business objectives and add the most value.”

✔️ David Clarke, Strategy and Innovation Leader at PwC, argues that IT leaders should view the pandemic as a digital accelerator rather than a deterrent.

✔️ To decrease burnout among your remote employees, Prasad Ramakrishnan, CIO at Freshworks, recommends to, “Acknowledge that people have a tendency to work harder in times of crisis and explicitly encourage your employees to avoid burnout. Encourage employees to adopt a ‘makers schedule’ — a period of time where they block off their calendar to get some quiet time or engage in physical activity.”