Do You Struggle with Ongoing Continuous Learning? Do You Have Trouble Keeping Up?

At the Murphy dinner table, I have been known to tell my kids that maybe they shouldn’t go to college.
Maybe they should start a business, go travel, volunteer, etc after high school.
They laugh at me.
My parents would have never suggested this.
I was told that if I was not a doctor, lawyer, CPA (yes CPA), or engineer that I was worthless.
Maybe you can relate……
The underlying reality that I am realizing, however, and that I have told them is that no one really knows what will happen to our educational system.
If anyone tells you they know, they are lying
But I reckon (yes I wrote that….and I am from Boston😊) what is most important is that today’s learners (Kids and Adults) are going to have to ‘continuously’ learn.
I think kids will adapt….
Not so much with adults. But why?

I am not sure why. This is outside my paygrade.
However, the most important skill moving forward for IT Business Leaders is going to be to learn.
Most adults resist and struggle with this. Re-tooling, learning new skills, keeping up, etc is not easy.
This is why I believe IT Business leaders and #CIOs must develop #EQ emotional intelligence skills to help you deal with the ‘long game’ of continuous learning.