Covering the Bases… How RedZone’s Managed Security Services Give CIOs & CEOs Peace of Mind

Covering the Bases... How RedZone's Managed Security Services Give CIOs & CEOs Peace of Mind

As a CEO or CIO, you’ve already got quite a lot on your plate… Worrying about cyber attacks – and what might happen if things go wrong – can keep anyone up at night.

When you engage RedZone to help shoulder your cyber security burden, you and your business can benefit from a robust, customized suite of managed services that include…

Proactive and Active Blocking

  • DNS provides two layers of defense: blocks known bad sites based on IP addresses; should an infection occur, it prevents malicious applications from “phoning home” which keeps the infection contained.
  • Firewalls use multiple techniques to identify threats and proactively block attackers. These systems are audited monthly to ensure proper functioning.
  • Workstations and servers are patched monthly to protect against the most recent threats.
  • Antivirus Tools on workstations are continually updated to guard against the latest known threats.
  • Multifactor Authentication protects access to systems and data, account hijacking, and ACH fraud.

Monitoring and Training

  • Quarterly vulnerability scan identifies security strengths and weaknesses, ensuring prompt response to new threats.
  • Periodic test phishing attacks determine employees’ ability to spot malicious emails. This is followed up with company-wide security training
  • Threat monitoring system on critical servers looks for known threats and oddities that may indicate a compromise. Suspicious activity is investigated.

Threat Hunting

  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) systems use AI to identify anomalous behaviors and bad actors.
  • Daily historical analytics process on critical logs looks for odd events and evidence of threats.
  • Twice yearly review of security effectiveness includes next steps and action plans with the goal of continuous improvement.
  • Quarterly audit to hunt for potential risks.

Collaborating on security with RedZone frees up your time for other strategic concerns, while finally enabling you to achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

RedZone can help protect your business from new and emerging threats. Contact us today: (410) 897-9494 |