How Do the Most Innovative CIOs and Companies Deliver Transformation? SmartHubs, Micro-Services, APIs, Portability + Eliminating Complexity – with Barry Libenson, CIO of Experian


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My guest this week is Barry Libenson, Global Chief Information Officer of Experian. During our interview Barry and I discuss what Experian is doing with innovation and his role in it. 

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Some of the big ideas we discuss:

    • The shifts Barry sees of customers requiring access at the API layer to micro services so they can consume only what they want
    • How to build a micro services environment for internal and external use
    • How IoT is shifting what customers are asking for
    • Taking costs and complexity out of the business
    • Speeding up innovation
    • Better experience for customers
    • Agile performance to respond to organizational threats
    • Smart Hubs
    • The API Economy
    • Tools for Microservices: Red Hat OpenShift, Pivotal Labs, Mirantis 
    • The importance of portability and use of portable containers for Azure and AWS using Cassandra, PostgreSQL, or MySQL or one of the more portable container.

About Barry Libenson: 

Barry Libenson is Chief Information Officer (CIO), with responsibility for the design and delivery of Experian’s global technology strategy. Prior to joining Experian in June 2015, he was CIO of Safeway in North America. Earlier in his career, Barry held CIO positions at Land O’Lakes and Ingersoll Rand. Barry has a BA in Computer Science from Colgate University, and a MBA from Duke University. He was also one of the first employees at Oracle when they were only a $19 million dollar company.

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