Avoid Being Vulnerable: Put your Passwords to the Test | Security

An interesting question that is super tactical and something that has been coming up during every CIO Lunch is:

“What do you see happening with password construction guidelines?”

The truth is, passwords are a complete vulnerability for companies. A lot of the time, we make it too easy for hackers. So what type of guidelines should you put into place to avoid this?

When developing password guidelines, it’s helpful to train users to use phrases when they are developing their passwords. Sentences or structured phrases are better than randomly generated numbers or symbols. It’s easier for the user to remember and harder for the hackers to crack.

For a deeper dive on Password Best Practices listen to my podcast interview Passwords Redefined | Make Your Password Interesting, Not Difficult! James Crifasi, CTO, RedZone Technologies. In this interview we discuss the importance of password security and how to create a strong password in order to protect your company from hackers and phishing attacks.