6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation in a Virtual World 💡

The big challenge for leaders managing remote teams is how to affect culture.

When employees are in the office, it is much easier to set tones and establish norms. Move those employees out of the office and into their individual homes, and there are different rules and standards that apply.

In his piece for Inc. Magazine, Soren Kaplan lays out 6 things you can do to get more innovation from your remote team in today’s virtual world. https://bit.ly/3mGGjNi

Here were a few of my favorite points:

💻  Think of problems as the basis for new ideas. Seek out what items are giving your employees trouble and make it a point to work with them to solve them.

💻  Working remotely can be lonely. Pair employees up virtually, when possible, to tackle problems and stir innovation.

💻  I’m a big fan of this one – Celebrate WINS to create a winning team. Recognize employee achievements and provide a forum to share the good work your employees have been doing.