Eliminate Headwinds and Resistance: How CIOs Can Score a Big Win with Their CEO | Leadership

I had a very interesting interview this week with a new Director of Data Architecture for a local financial organization. He was hired into a legacy organization with enthusiasm and a real possibility mindset.

This guy was very good with data and he wanted to make data come alive for the organization so they can make better decisions. It was driving him crazy that the business was not making decisions based on data.

The headwinds and resistance were felt immediately, but what’s really interesting are some of the quick wins. He didn’t ask the CEO to make a big investment in tools right away. He went right down to the users and started making the data work well for them. Then he started delivering them reports they needed, getting the information into their hands and making a name for himself right away – and the people that report to him. So, he started delivering results.

Here are three ways CIOs can eliminate latency and friction, differentiate themselves and achieve quick wins for their CEO:

Eliminate headwinds, latency and resistance by approaching data from the end user point-of-view

  • CIOs can’t win without quality data. Produce data with results-minded outcomes
  • Differentiate, deliver results, then ask for the tools.

Now this is critical, if you’ve been involved in the company for a while, pretend the beginning of this year is like the first 100 days in the job. Come at it with that energy. But go after it with the end user point of view.

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