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Tesla Experienced Network Outage Wednesday

Some big news in tech this week as Tesla experienced an outage that left users unable to access and drive their vehicles using the mobile app, and staff unable to process deliveries and orders.

As Jonathan Shieber and Kirsten Korosec detail in their piece for TechCrunch, the outage on Wednesday was reportedly caused by “An internal break of their application programming interface (or API).”

The glitch in the app could also have something to do with Tesla’s new two-factor authentication. Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that two-factor via SMS or an authenticator app, both industry norms that should have been in place for Tesla years ago, would be coming soon.

This outage is important on a broader scale, however.

🚗 This outage highlights how dependent companies like Tesla are to their networks. Any small hiccup or breach has mass impacts.

🚗 The electric car movement isn’t going anywhere. The governor of California just signed a bill banning the sale of gas-only cars by 2035. With their user base only growing, Tesla and other similar companies will have to find a way to keep their staff and users secure.

5 essential roles of the CIO

If there has been one thing this year has taught organizations, it’s that the role of the CIO goes well beyond running a company’s technology infrastructure.

CIO’s are responsible for shaping the digital future and acting as “Change Agents” within a company.

Roberto Torres writing for CIO Dive examines this shift and provides five types of leaders businesses need CIOs to play.

💼 A business leader with a deep understanding of the company’s business strategy.

💼 A “tech whisperer” who can influence and inform anyone from business leaders to vendors.

💼 A “change agent” who can use technology to break silos and encourage technology product adoption throughout the organization.

💼 A cultural revolutionary who can mind the human element of the organization.

💼 A talent scout who can help select talented people to help lift the company through these uncertain times.

While a CIO is called upon to wear many hats, they’re responsible for transformation work “just as much or more” than their C-suite counterparts.

Infinite Patience Produces Immediate Results

There are numerous things that come up throughout the day that will test you as a leader.

Testing your will, your mental fortitude, and most importantly- your patience.

It is important to remember that infinite patience produces immediate results.

Having the ability to remain calm and assess the situation will yield rapid, high-quality results.

Weekly Roundup | Top Strategies of the Week for IT Business Leaders🛡️ – September 23, 2020

There is no algorithm we know of yet for experience 😀

Here are some major highlights from recent discussions I’ve had with IT Leaders with over 20-25 + years of experience.

Weekly Summary

IT Business Leadership, Strategy & Innovation

Offense & Defense Innovation

  1. What is the Best Way to Secure a Distributed Workforce in 2021James Crifasi, COO/CTO at RedZone Technologies
  2. Using the OODA Approach to Decision Making- Philip Campbell, CIO/VP of Information Services at CalvertHealth
  3. What are the 20% of excel spreadsheets supporting 80% of your revenue?- Bill Murphy, CEO at RedZone Technologies
  4. Step back- streamline your thinking to take grand ideas and bring them down to Earth- Adam Gordon, Edutainer & SME at ITProTV
  5. There is no cloud. It’s just someone else’s computer- James Crifasi, COO/CTO at RedZone Technologies
  6. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.Philip Campbell, CIO/VP of Information Services at CalvertHealth

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“We want to think beyond the immediacy of the particular issue… That’s really what strategies should help us do.”

When we think of strategies – think BIG picture.

In my conversation with Adam Gordon, Edutainer & SME at ITProTV, he said you have to go beyond the immediacy of the particular issue and see everything that goes into your decision.

To do that, one must remove themself from the moment and think more broadly about the choices/decisions/opportunities that they may address and the best path to get there.

That will, in the end, bring the big picture into focus.