Whiteboards Led Teams to Perfection… Until They Couldn’t

In every room in the RedZone Technologies office there are whiteboards. We find them to be an invaluable tool for collaboration and project management. But what happens when in-person group work no longer exists and employees are working remote?

In her piece for CIO Dive: Information and Enterprise Technology News, Naomi Eide examines how leaders of remote workforces are trying to retain the benefits of collaboration when simply saying “let’s take it to the board” is no longer an option.

Here are 2 things leaders can do instead to keep the group productivity and brain-storming going while remote:

🖊️ Try and create an environment that encourages virtual collaboration and people to communicate with one another just as if they were still in the office.

🖊️ For teams that relied upon whiteboards as a central location to plan and brainstorm, software exists to help. Tools such as Miro, MURAL, Bluescape, and Microsoft Whiteboard are all very popular.