The CISO’s New Duty: Building Trust

Trust, especially in this year of remote work, is an essential component of the work of IT Security Professionals. CISOs have already embraced the concept of trust as a deliverable and are making it the central theme of their entire security function.


Mary K. Pratt, in her piece for CSO Online, interviewed numerous IT Leaders and got their take on how cultivating trust will lead to greater organizational success.

Here were a few of my favorite quotes:

🤝 Michael Weisberg, CISO of Garnet River LLC, says, “If you don’t have the trust, then your motives become questioned…”

🤝 Monica Cole-Rowe CISSP, CISO of Mazuma Credit Union, says, “Trust gives you the ability to influence those decisions that affect the entire business.”

🤝 Steve Berez, partner at Bain & Co., says, “So broadly the CISO’s job has a great deal to do about trust and creating trust that the data provided to the company is secure. That’s probably the most important role of the CISO today.”