Storytelling can Succeed or Fail Your Leadership

When on LinkedIn, you may see companies sharing digital content to build their brand as well as tell a story about their organization and their leadership.

Telling a compelling story 🕮 builds credibility in a leadership role which will help to inspire an audience and lead an organization. This technique gives you as a leader the ability to effectively convey your message so that it is appealing to others.

A speaker, author of 4 books 📗, and writer for the Harvard Business ReviewJeff Gothelf describes a few of the characteristics that have made his stories effective:

📚 Be audience-specific: If you want to know what your target audience is curious about, what worries them, and what motivates them- informal conversation is an effective way to figure that out.

📚 Humanize your story: A personal anecdote can lighten the mood and illustrate your perspective more effectively helping your audience more open to certain ideas.

📚 Make it action-oriented: Specificity reduces anxiety. If you offer your audience practical advice and clear direction, you can empower them to take action and turn your story into their own.

Good storytelling can make a major impact on your team, your organization, and your entire career.

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