Start Stopping Quicker

In business, the hunt for innovations needs to be like a cheetah🐆 hunting on the plains- agility is more important than speed. Sure, a cheetah can go from 0-60 MPH faster than a Corvette🏎️, but what really makes them successful hunters is their ability to stop🛑 and turn➡️.

This spot-on analogy was crafted by Darrell RigbySarah Elk, and Steve Berez in their piece for the Harvard Business Review.

They draw a parallel to innovations in business- it’s not enough to simply be fast to market with products/processes/new ways of thinking. Executives frequently lament how terrible they are at stopping 🛑 work, even when it’s wasting their time.

To help enterprises evolve and start stopping🛑 things faster, Rigby, Elk, and Berez point out 3 things executives can do:

🐆 Tell employees to innovate and not to worry about mistakes that quickly reversible.

🐆 Make work across the board more visible to allow for collaboration and increased clarity.

🐆 Help employees overcome the fear of clinging on to unsuccessful projects to avoid the unknown of a new one.

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