Smart Suit Powered Smart Phone Innovation

Wearable fitness tracking has exploded in recent years. Whether it be the Apple Watch or the WHOOP, there is a large market for tech that tracks your performance.

A team of researchers from National University of Singapore has taken that to a whole new level.

Researchers developed a smartphone-powered wearable suit capable of providing athletes with physiological data such as posture, running gait and body temperature while working out.

This innovation allows athletes to measure a lot more than just calories- heart rate, posture and time/distance of their exercise.

I agree with Assistant Professor John Ho that the creation of a smart suit is just the beginning for this tech. Other potential applications of this suit exist in the healthcare space for diagnosing spinal disorder and 24/7 health monitoring.

I can see sensors such as these becoming the norm for athletic training. The more data points available, the better someone can train.

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