Microsoft Teams Phishing Attack Directed Towards Office 365 Users

Every day, phishers are thinking of new ways to hack into accounts and steal information.

I speak with many CIO’s about communication strategies they use within their companies. Most say Microsoft teams is a communication tool they use between co-workers daily.

Microsoft is top of the heap when it comes to hacker impersonations and 💭as a CIO, you should be aware of this situation, it could happen anytime anywhere unexpectedly.

Researchers are warning people of a phishing campaign affecting 50,000 users notifying them of a fake “missed chat” stealing login credentials.

Erin Edkins Ludert, Data Scientist from Abnormal Security, told Threat Post, attackers are using an approach of the employee referenced in the chat doesn’t appear to be an employee of the company that had the attack.

The initial phishing email displays the name “There’s new activity in teams” making it appear like an automated notification from teams. The email urges you to click on the “reply” button leading you to type in your email and password. That one click can create a disastrous moment. ❌

🛑Be secure. Be cautious of the messages and emails you are receiving. Read before clicking. 🛑

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