How Facial Recognition Can Be Applied Responsibly by IT Leaders


Facial recognition technology is becoming more and more mainstream. To read this, you first unlocked your iPhone- maybe using facial recognition. However, this technology is not without controversy.

In his piece for InformationWeekFrank Buytendijk, Distinguished VP and Gartner Fellow at Gartner, says IT leaders need to adhere to digital ethics in order to use facial recognition responsibly.

Here are the 4 actions IT Leaders should take in order to do so:

👀 To combat issues of bias and false positives, IT Leaders should aim to develop sufficient countermeasures or verification procedures.

👀 To establish proportional use of facial recognition, IT Leaders should ask: “Can we achieve the same end by less invasive and more consensual means?”

👀 To determine purpose boundaries for collected data, IT Leaders should explicitly determine and document its lineage of intent.

👀 To expand the rights of people identified in images, IT Leaders should work with their legal teams to understand the intellectual property rights relevant to facial recognition images and analysis.

Facial recognition technology isn’t going anywhere, it’s important to consider how to use this technology responsibly before it’s deployed at scale.

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