How CIOs and CTOs can Accelerate Digital Transformation Through Cloud Platforms

No alt text provided for this image Only 14% of companies launching digital transformations have seen sustained and material performance.

Operating the cloud reduces issues such as outdated technology environments and rigid infrastructures affecting data. In this piece for McKinsey & Company, Jayne Giezmo, Mark GuJames Kaplan, and Lars Vinter outline 3 things tech leaders need to do to be  successful when operating in the cloud:

☁️ Focus cloud investments in businesses where the cloud platform increases revenue and improves margins. This approach helps to focus programs in which benefits such as increased marketing, innovating business offerings, a reduced risk, efficient scalability matter.

☁️ Leaders need to choose technology, sourcing, and migration models that align with economic and risk constraints. Using the wrong technology can raise concerns with compliance.

☁️Capturing the value of the cloud and its migration requires how IT works within the company. The company will make everything a product, focus on developer experience, and integrate with business to ensure a cloud operating model is built.

While this transition isn’t easy, cloud platforms can help by providing the required agility, scalability, and innovative capabilities.