AI Scans Construction Site and Spots When Things Are Falling Behind

More and more uses for artificial intelligence are being discovered every day. Now, a British/Israeli startup called “Buildots” is utilizing the power of AI to help increase efficiency at construction sites.

As Will Douglas Heaven writes in his piece for MIT Technology Review, AI may have found the perfect use case.

It is estimated that on-site mismanagement costs the construction industry $1.6 trillion a year. And when typically only 5 managers oversee the construction of a building with 1,500 rooms, there aren’t enough eyes on the project. That’s where AI comes in.

Buildot’s image recognition system monitors every detail of an ongoing construction project and flags up delays or errors automatically. They are even mounting GoPro video cameras to the helmets of workers to capture more images.

This tech also can be useful during the pandemic as site managers can keep tabs remotely.

I believe that AI can help more industries than just factories and construction. This image recognition, if it can prove it’s worth in decreasing the mismanagement costs in construction, will find its way into most industries. Efficiency is the name of the game, and any advantage businesses can find, they’ll utilize.

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