7 Qualities of a Successful Digital Leader

One of the most important characteristics of a successful digital transformation, that is oftentimes overlooked, is effective leadership.

In their piece for CIO Dive, Mary Mesaglio and Apoorv Chhabra outline the 7 standout characteristics of effective digital leaders that enable them to champion digital business transformation:


🖥️ Digital leaders are neophiliacs. These individuals have the desire to engage in new experiences.

🖥️ Digital leaders know exactly where their organization needs to be different and where they can copy/improvise.

🖥️ Digital leaders realize the nonobvious threats and make decisions by keeping a clear vision of the future of their industry in mind.

🖥️ Digital leaders value that innovation has more than a creativity aspect.

🖥️ Digital leaders build teams using the high AQ (adversity quotient) which is the idea of human flexibility and capacity to live and work with situations that are unavoidable.

🖥️ The best digital leaders know that digital is not a means to an end and can draw the line between what is digital and what is physical.

🖥️ Leaders understand the technology that their business is based upon and see that the digital and physical world are connecting.