6 Ways to Keep Good Ideas Alive at Your Company

Don’t let an idea fade.

In large organizations, many things can kill promising ideas. But when these companies decide they need more “innovation,” they forget to address the things that killed the good ideas in the first place.

In his piece for Harvard Business ReviewScott Kirsner addresses the 6 ways organizations can get an idea “rolling” ✨:

💡 Start with a Survey: Ask the innovators in your firm about the dynamics of how executives approach decisions.

💡 Decide if it’s a consultancy or skunkworks: Consult with firm units, ask them to identify needs your team should work on. Compete with products the company sells.

💡 Get External Validation: Reading about an idea in the press helps a leader feel like “it’s their idea.”

💡 Invest Real Money: Businesses can give money to employees inventing. Investing money into a new creation can take a good “turn” for a business.

💡 Reward decision-makers who back winners: There is a upside for executives who back winners and “backing loser isn’t a career-ending-move” is vital to making sure new ideas get the support needed.

💡 Think weekly, not quarterly: Look for every tweak that can be improved with an innovation. Meet every week to discuss progress and not quarterly.

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