2021 Is The Year for AI To Shine

Over the years, people had different views on Artificial Intelligence.

Take the Amazon Alexa, for example. “She” is viewed as exciting or transformational; others see “her” as scary. 2020 was the year to embrace AI – even with its blemishes.

Companies will need to find ways to apply AI to emerge stronger both in the short and long-term. This will be accomplished by overcoming some of the main kinks in AI, such as a lack of trust and poor data quality.

In their piece, ZD Net, the marketing research company Forrester has 3 predictions on AI in 2021:

🌟 Companies will nudge AI to new frontiers such as holographic meetings for remote work and build simulations in the boardroom. They will gradually move into intelligent edge experiences.

🌟 More than 1/3 of companies will look to AI for help with workplace disruptions for location-based, physical, or human-touch workers working from home. This will include applying AI for customer service agent automation or return-to-work health tracking.

🌟 2021 will hold more progress toward trusted data for AI. 2021 will showcase the good and the bad of artificial data. Blockchain and AI will join forces to support data integrity.

The time is now for AI to shine.

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