CVE-2017-9388 (veraedge_firmware, veralite_firmware)

An issue was discovered on Vera VeraEdge 1.7.19 and Veralite 1.7.481 devices. The device provides a web user interface that allows a user to manage the device. As a part of the functionality the device firmware file contains a file known as which allows the device to proxy a specific request to and from from another website. This is primarily used as a method of communication between the device and Vera website when the user is logged in to the and allows the device to communicate between the device and website. One of the parameters retrieved by this specific script is "url". This parameter is not sanitized by the script correctly and is passed in a call to "eval" to execute "curl" functionality. This allows an attacker to escape from the executed command and then execute any commands of his/her choice.

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