CVE-2017-8252 (ipq4019_firmware, ipq8074_firmware, mdm9150_firmware, mdm9206_firmware, mdm9607_firmware, mdm9615_firmware, mdm9635m_firmware, mdm9640_firmware, mdm9650_firmware, mdm9655_firmware, msm8909w_firmware, msm8996au_firmware, qc_215_firmware, qca8081_firmware, qcs605_firmware, sd_205_firmware, sd_210_firmware, sd_212_firmware, sd_410_firmware, sd_412_firmware, sd_415_firmware, sd_425_firmware, sd_427_firmware, sd_429_firmware, sd_430_firmware, sd_435_firmware, sd_439_firmware, sd_450_firmware, sd_615_firmware, sd_616_firmware, sd_625_firmware, sd_632_firmware, sd_636_firmware, sd_650_firmware, sd_652_firmware, sd_670_firmware, sd_675_firmware, sd_710_firmware, sd_712_firmware, sd_820_firmware, sd_820a_firmware, sd_835_firmware, sd_845_firmware, sd_850_firmware, sd_855_firmware, sd_8cx_firmware, sda660_firmware, sdm439_firmware, sdm630_firmware, sdm660_firmware, sdx20_firmware, sdx24_firmware, sm7150_firmware, snapdragon_high_med_2016_firmware, sxr1130_firmware)

Kernel can inject faults in computations during the execution of TrustZone leading to information disclosure in Snapdragon Auto, Snapdragon Compute, Snapdragon Connectivity, Snapdragon Consumer Electronics Connectivity, Snapdragon Consumer IOT, Snapdragon Industrial IOT, Snapdragon IoT, Snapdragon Mobile, Snapdragon Voice & Music, Snapdragon Wearables, Snapdragon Wired Infrastructure and Networking in IPQ4019, IPQ8074, MDM9150, MDM9206, MDM9607, MDM9615, MDM9635M, MDM9640, MDM9650, MDM9655, MSM8909W, MSM8996AU, QCA8081, QCS605, Qualcomm 215, SD 210/SD 212/SD 205, SD 410/12, SD 425, SD 427, SD 430, SD 435, SD 439 / SD 429, SD 450, SD 615/16/SD 415, SD 625, SD 632, SD 636, SD 650/52, SD 675, SD 712 / SD 710 / SD 670, SD 820, SD 820A, SD 835, SD 845 / SD 850, SD 855, SD 8CX, SDA660, SDM439, SDM630, SDM660, SDX20, SDX24, SM7150, Snapdragon_High_Med_2016, SXR1130

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