CVE-2017-17780 (booking_calendar_sms, clockwork_sms_notfications, contact_form_7_sms, fast_secure_contact_form_sms, formidable, gravity_forms, two-factor_authentication, wp_e-commerce)

The Clockwork SMS clockwork-test-message.php component has XSS via a crafted "to" parameter in a clockwork-test-message request to wp-admin/admin.php. This component code is found in the following WordPress plugins: Clockwork Free and Paid SMS Notifications 2.0.3, Two-Factor Authentication – Clockwork SMS 1.0.2, Booking Calendar – Clockwork SMS 1.0.5, Contact Form 7 – Clockwork SMS 2.3.0, Fast Secure Contact Form – Clockwork SMS 2.1.2, Formidable – Clockwork SMS 1.0.2, Gravity Forms – Clockwork SMS 2.2, and WP e-Commerce – Clockwork SMS 2.0.5.

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