CVE-2013-3542 (gxv3500_firmware, gxv3501_firmware, gxv3504_firmware, gxv3601_firmware, gxv3601hd_firmware, gxv3601ll_firmware, gxv3611hd_firmware, gxv3611ll_firmware, gxv3615p_firmware, gxv3615w_firmware, gxv3615wp_hd_firmware, gxv3651fhd_firmware, gxv3662hd_firmware)

Grandstream GXV3501, GXV3504, GXV3601, GXV3601HD/LL, GXV3611HD/LL, GXV3615W/P, GXV3651FHD, GXV3662HD, GXV3615WP_HD, GXV3500, and possibly other camera models with firmware, have a hardcoded account "!#/" with the same password, which makes it easier for remote attackers to obtain access via a TELNET session.

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